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just an old levelset

Confirmed solvable? maybe not

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I've played through the first 5 levels so far. Looks pretty interesting! I'll let you know what I thought of each individual level:

#1 Let the Game Begin! This was a very nice starting level, with some interesting dodging patterns, some backtracking, and some itemswapping. It would make a good CCLP1 candidate. Fun: **** Difficulty: ***

#2 Glider Glace Race Took me quite a few tries. At first, I didn't know where to go. When I finally figured that out, it took many more tries to win because I kept boosting into the water, running into the glider BEFORE the end, or just plain not being fast enough. It took almost flawless boosting to succeed in MS; I don't even know how you could beat this level in Lynx. (Though since you've played in Lynx, I'm sure it's possible.)

Fun: ** Difficulty: ****

#3 Teleport Time This level was simple enough; I just kept making stupid mistakes. Like teleporting up from the room on the right---directly into the water---or stepping in to the water when I had all the chips and was 5 steps from the exit. The decoy flippers also fooled me. Fun: *** Difficulty: **

#4 Puzzled Blocks This made me stop and think at every turn, and was quite fun to figure out. You made brilliant use of toggle walls here! I failed twice--once due to trapping in the red key (couldn't see w; hat I had to do from the entrance to the room...) and once due to picking up 2 pairs of suction boots at once. At the end, I couldn't get the last block out of the right-hand section and up to above the brown button, so I had to just spam-clone fireballs until I heard the "boom." Then I rushed through, dodging them, and made it. Maybe there was a safer solution that I missed, but my way was pretty exciting, I think! Fun: **** Difficulty: ****

#5 Eagle Eyes The first time through I was like, um, what? I ended up having to take notes in MS Paint to pass this level, and even then, I failed twice because the objects on the ice path were a bit misleading. (I thought the toggle wall and tank meant that I had to press each of their buttons once, but actually, I didn't.) Fun: *' (that's 1 and a half) Difficulty: ****

I'll hold off on rating your file until I am done with all the levels.
For #2 and #4:

In Glider Glace Race, once you've figured out the way to the exit. All you have to do is to run at the full speed, no boosting actually required in here (since I beat it in Lynx). The best way to beat this level is to avoid taking the ice boots. Instead, you loop around the ice boots using the ice path. And just slide to the exit. You can say that I put those boots as a trap. And you should play it in Lynx since it's more smoother than MS.

Puzzled Blocks, someone reported that it was beatable in 15 seconds! Well, I know it is busted. But I never thought there's another route which is far quicker than the busted route I found. By the way, thanks for the report. I just figured that I should have put another space in the last room, so that you can move the last block to above the brown button. I'll fix them later.
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