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All of the levels I make in 2012 will be here. Every level released before the CCLP1 deadline is a CCLP1 candidate, and is designed for both MS and Pedantic Lynx.

What's New in Version v 4.01
  • v 2: Added level 5, DIE. It's shaped like a die, and the enemies are blobs and walkers. I haven't beaten it yet, but I thought I'd share it anyway because I'm evil. This level was designed very quickly, so if you feel like changes are called for to make things easier on the player, go ahead and make 'em.
  • v 3: Added IT TAKES A THIEF, a slightly modified version of an old level.
  • v 4: Added two levels, bring the total to eight.

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There's only four levels here for now, but they were definitely worth my time. I loved these levels! If you like small thoughtful puzzles, try these out.

#1 BURN OUT - why is this concept so nice? There's a fireball stream and you simply have to make your way backwards through it like twice. Would like it more if once retrieving the flippers, you'd have to go back to the start and the block would be there to stop the stream. This way you'd have to make your way back a bit further along the stream and you won't have to wait for the last fireballs to drown.

#2 FWAKOOM - maybe there's some extra waiting here at the beginning, but the other stuff in the level is interesting. I even cloned an extra fireball and was able to complete the level, which is a big plus. And the waiting wasn't bad because you had something to watch, and the level isn't too long afterwards.

#3 FIREBALL MAZE - This is a great puzzle and really appreciate the first small room and the shape of the other small toggle area. The puzzle is really outstanding! I'm glad you didn't feel the need to cram anything else into this one afterwards (didn't look at the previous version from the older set). Five stars from me for this one!

#4 RELEASE ME - Very nice concepts here as well. It does require a bit of thinking from the player, so not a beginner's level in that sense. I wouldn't have minded if the level had ended at the toggle doors, because am not sure how much added value there was with the stuff that came at the end. (For example, we already had two parts with block pushing so I'm kind of ready to not need to thing on my feet too much (after the teleport), and releasing the fireball behind the red door seems very simple compared to what was at the beginning.)

Hope to see more levels added here of the same caliber as these first ones!
Regarding #1, if you didn't have the opportunity to watch the stream of fireballs die, BURN OUT wouldn't be as appropriate of a title, would it be? Tongue Nah, I will keep your feedback in mind.

Regarding #2, it's better appreciated in the context of this thread: http://cczone.invisi...ake-me-a-level/ . Glad you liked it anyway, of course. Tongue

Regarding #3, I'll upload a picture of the two versions of the level for comparison; I think the new version has stronger focus and theme (and, most importantly, more Lynx-compatibility!) than the old. [EDIT: click.]

Regarding #4, I kinda liked the idea of having to get an enemy to toggle the green button for you, and then suddenly having to make that enemy stop toggling the green button. The area after the toggle doors is admittedly simple compared to the previous parts, where you had more of a puzzle to solve to release the enemies at the right time into the right areas, but I guess I wanted to have more enemies to release to make the area seem less empty. The main purpose of that area is to give the player full view of the mechanism guiding the fireball to the bomb in front of the exit. The teleport area originally had a hint tile with the message "Obligatory chase scene".
#2 was the weakest, but it was still good. #3 and #4 are real quality jobs surely worthy of inclusion in CCLP1, #1 is good too.

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