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This set is the first in a series of MS- and Lynx-compatible level packs that I will be releasing over the next several years.

The levels in these sets are meant to be simple and straightforward in the spirit of the original game, though the difficulty peak is ultimately a bit higher. There's a mix of action, puzzles, mazes, and hodgepodge levels to enjoy for players of almost any skill level.

Originally, this set, JBLP1, contained 100 levels when it was released during the CCLP1 submission period. Since then, new levels have been added to take the total to a full 149. The set also features 12 tutorial levels as a preface to the challenges that lie ahead, as well as eight additional post-tutorial levels to introduce various types of gameplay. Any changes made to this set after its initial release are listed in the changelog. Changes with asterisks indicate edits that may affect TWS solutions for previous versions.

Please consider the levels in this set for any future community-produced level packs.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to private message me on CCZone. Enjoy playing!

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What's New in Version 2.0.2
  • #25 (Motherlode): removed funky block/block tile combinations.
  • #149 (Quantum Entanglement): reworked "Sisyphus" area, corrected bust re: yellow key.

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Recipe for making a great set of levels:

1) have a sharp young mind

2) expose it to a cool game like Chip's Challenge

3) play the game a lot

4) make some levels

5) destroy all the levels created so far

6) play the game a lot and climb up the score boards

7) make more levels and release them

8) submit yourself to all forms of critique on the levels

9) organize a community effort to create a cool set (like CCLP3)

10) make more levels and reuse old ones to create a set of levels that you are happy with

If you would like to try a set that is created using this recipe, download this set and enjoy. If not, CC is not the game for you.
How do you complete level 124 (Crate Packing)? Im Stuck

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