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ChipHome5's main level set (all the levels in this set are Lynx-compatible) - last update Nov/22/2015

What's New in Version 2016-02-21
  • 2012-09-02:
  • -First version updated to CCZone Download archive
  • 2015-11-22:
  • -Small fixes to levels 15 and 26. Level 26 should now be solvable (the yellow key in first section of the level must always be taken before picking up fire boots, otherwise you won't be able to pass through fire after the yellow door, there was however a problem in the ending area, making the level probably unsolvable)
  • 2016-02-21:
  • -Somewhat the updated version was not the latest one. This should make the fixes to levels 15 and 26 effective.

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