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Here's my final set of CCLP1 submissions, with 58 levels taken from tensorpudding-1 and tensorpudding-2, MS and Lynx compatible.

It comes with complete solutions for use in Tile World for both MS and Lynx. Rename them to something useful and place them in your solutions directory. You can choose to load them in place of your own solutions file by selecting them from the solutions menu, reachable from Ctrl+s, and play them back using Tab.

What's New in Version 3.0
  • * Renamed several levels and modified aesthetics on some others. Will not break solutions
  • * Included copyright, readme, changelog

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.zip   tensorpudding-cclp1.zip (Size: 42.88 KB / Downloads: 541)
I enjoyed your levels! Most of them are short, have good puzzles, and also a solution if I'm stuck Tongue

5/5 from me!
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