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Create Competition Febuary 2012

The really important things:

- This level must be solvable in both MS and Lynx, but Pedantic compatability is not required.

- Email this level to Rockdet at rocket_rg (at) msn.com * Be sure to specify who you are and what competition this level is for.

*note: This isn't a direct email link to make it harder for spam bots scanning the web to grab his email address.

This is where it gets intresting. This is an experement. For science.

- This level must use the "template" - this file.

A few important notes:

- First, these are not rules, that would be too restrictive. They are useful notes and advice for what we're looking for.

- Second and most importantly, design something fun.

- Utilize the ouside walls, and open space between sections as you wish. There's a lot of open space because we want to see what you can do with this.

- You don't have to use anything there if you REALLY don't want to. Your level will be accepted and considered no matter what you do, however, levels that stay truer to the original template will be more likely to win.

- Moving the sections around will not count against you.

- One note about the ice slides: You can move them around without it counting against you, because we realize they may get in the way. Do try to keep the start and end points the same.

- You can change door positions and colors, except the green door maze, without it counting against you. Same goes for the keys.

- Levels with a canyon or wild west theme will recieve addititional bonus points.

These levels will be due by 0:00 GMT March 1, 2012. If you're not sure what time that is by you, submit it a day early (or earlier!) to be safe.

Submission requirements:

Email to rocket_rg (at) msn.com

You must list your username and the competition that your submission is for in the title. Keep it short and simple, something like:

""From Lessinath - Create Submission.""

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