Joe's CCLP1 Entries
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27 levels that I wish to be entered into CCLP1 (can also be found on the Yahoo page)

I would really appreciate it if someone played through the CONVERSION series with a mini-commentary, they're good levels.


What's New in Version 1.6
  • V1.0 - Original, 18 levels.<br /><br />V1.1 - Improved version; deleted two levels, added four more, fixed NOBLEMAN (tanks did not work in TW's Lynx mode) and brought LEARN YOUR LESSONS to the start of the set.<br /><br />V1.2 - Fixed LEARN YOUR LESSON's minor bust (Sokoban was not required due to an extra set of flippers) and WALK IN THE PARK's major bust (the block could be pushed to the exit with no need to use the walker.<br /><br />V1.3 - Added the CONVERSION series.<br /><br />V1.4 - Fixed NOBLEMAN by changing key colors and added MEITNERIUM.<br /><br />V1.5 - Added Funhouse Pinball

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