BigOto Returns
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You have downloaded BigOto Returns v1.2.

BigOto Returns, or BigOto7.ccl, is © Trevor Hedges (BigOto) 2012. The set may be used for consideration in CCLP1 and all future level distributions whether "official" or not.

DO NOT redistribute these levels individually or under anyone else's name; all credit for these levels used in any distribution must go to me.

To play this level set, simply download Tile World and then merge the folders in this download with it's folders. It will then show up at the main menu. I have mainly tested the set in Lynx but if I am suspicious that a certain part may not be MS compatible I test it there too; thus I am almost sure that every level is compatible in both rulesets. CCLP1 staff please confirm that all levels are solvable in both rulesets, and I will apply the appropriate fixes when needed.

The levels start out easy with simple lesson concepts (some of which are admittedly stupid), and gets much harder as the levels get higher. There are 100 levels in total, but at some point I may expand to 149. Some levels were originally in my older set PB Gourami Levelsets (PBGA.dat) and have been modified to work in Lynx, while others are completely new and have never been seen before.

If you have any questions, concerns, or fixes that you want me to make, please post at the CCZone level discussion forum here: http://cczone.invisi...vel-discussion/

You can also contact me there, at the username BigOto2. Please do not contact me on YouTube as such messages will be ignored.

What's New in Version 1.2
  • - Fixed Lynx issue on Role Reversal. (1.2)
  • - Made level titles funnier. (1.1)

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