Shattered Glass
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This is a short 18 level set containing a number of levels, all extensively playtested and solvable in MS but not all are solvable in Lynx.

Level 1 - Broken Portal

A mixed level with a lot of dodgeing, this level requires you to "fix" a portal with a blue button.

85 chips, 500 seconds.

Level 2 - It's coming!

This title is refering to a LOT of gliders, and it is also a movie referance. This is a chip gathering level, and the only pure chip gathering level of the set.

321 chips, 350 seconds, but you can't live anywhere near that long anyways.

Level 3 - Alien Ship

Chip is trapped in an alien ship! Help him escape! This level is a puzzle level, where (if solved correctly) there is little dodging. The centerpiece of the level is a room where you must redirect gliders with blocks to gain chips.

42 chips, 900 seconds.

Level 4 - Preview

A puzzle and teeth directing level. "Window shopping" is extremely useful here.

7 chips, 500 seconds.

Level 5 - Tank Gauntlet

A pure melee level. Don't get squashed.

No chips, 90 seconds (but solvable in 8).

Level 6 - Twist

An unusual device blocks access between rooms until you can open doors. Other than that twist, there isn't much special about this level.

25 chips, 500 seconds.

Level 7 - Mind Lock

A short lock and key puzzle.

2 chips, 60 seconds.

Level 8 - Deflection

A complex monster directing puzzle consisting of multiple independant rooms. This is a difficult level.

1 chip, no time limit.

Level 9 - The Elements

A dodging puzzle with a dash of block pushing.

No chips, no time limit.

Level 10 - Mountain Cavern

An intresting puzzle where the goal is to get a flippers to access the exit. You may have to explore most of the level to find an unprotected pair.

30 chips, 500 seconds.

Level 11 - Maze of Death

There actually isn't very much "maze" to this level, which consists of many parts that would take me far too long to describe.

27 chips, no time limit.

Level 12 - Switchgears

A personal favorite of mine, this level tests your mind in many ways.

No chips, 500 seconds.

Level 13 - Block Hall

A short and sweet block dodging level.

100 chips, 100 seconds.

Level 14 - Twister

Fortunately, there are no tornadoes in this level. Instead, you must gather chips on a twisting and winding path. If done correctly, this path is unbroken.

456 chips, 200 seconds.

Level 15 - Microwave Popcorn

This is a puzzle level with a bit of dodging at the begining.

25 chips, 999 seconds.

Level 16 - There's a bug in here.

Another personal favorite of mine, this level consists of a great number of "micro puzzles", each of which takes only a few seconds to solve and they all interact with each other.

28 chips, 500 seconds.

Level 17 - Yeti

A puzzle level with some block dodging.

60 chips, 600 seconds.

Level 18 - Falling

This level is not lynx compatable due to invalid tiles. Other than that, it is a relatively short and simple puzzle level.

No chips, 400 seconds.

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