Chips Challenge2 suggestion
If we create levels and want to share them with others, we have to upload them somewhere and then others have to then download them and then put them into the correct directory (deleting the existing files) then go to the game and add them. It seems a little much and it doesn't seem worth the effort downloading an updated level pack if it's only got say 5 new levels in it.

What if CC could have some sort of built-in system where you make your level pack then upload it to some sort of cloud, and if others want to play your levels they can then download them direct from the CC game. That would mean if I made one new level I could simply update my level pack on the cloud with one click and everyone who has my level pack could update theirs with just one click.

Also if I were to make new levels and then upload them on here I would have to make a thread to let everyone know my pack had been updated, and hope they would see my thread. But if there was a system from within CC itself everyone with my pack would upon browsing everyone's uploaded set see that my pack was updated.
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CC2 has Steam Workshop integration, which removes the manual file management. Idk how it handles updates, but i'd imagine it simplifies at least some of the process.

I'm not sure what you mean by "...then go to the game and add them." Don't they show up automatically in both CC2 and TW (you may have to reload the list)? What part of this is separate from "put[ting] them into the correct directory"?
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