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Consistent Inconsistency
File category: CC1 Levelsets

My levels so far, along with solution files for select levels. I'll be adding to the set as i make more levels. (Discussion thread)

What's New in Version 1.5.-1
  • 1.5.-1: Another amalgamation of edits!
  • TWO SETS OF RULES CONTINUED - condensed a couple rooms to make room for another; increased chip count to accomodate new room; modified a few other rooms
  • TWO RULES: EXTRAS - removed more redundant rooms, added a few new ones
  • FLIPSIDE - renamed back to FLIP-SIDE-UP and split into 2 levels; extended version renamed to FLIP-SIDE-UP: Extended Version
  • BRICKS - changed time limit back to 60
  • 3D LOGIC mini-series - 2 new levels, several changes to other 2
  • THE BIG CRUNCH - made walk through ball clock in upper left (and thus the bug room) optional
  • CIRCULUS IN PROBANDO - changed SW room: more buttons, no connections
  • DANCE DANCE CHIPOLUTION - changed a couple toggle walls and the hint text
  • SUCK A BUN - deleted because CC2 is available now
  • 13 new levels:
  • - 1 is from the FLIPSIDE split
  • - 2 are remakes of existing levels (original Team Aqua Hideout by Flareon350)
  • - 2 are MS ports from CC3D
  • - 2 are 3D Logic levels
  • - 5 are competition levels (4 in create comps, 1 as a TT level)
  • - 1 is an original creation (not including any comp levels)
  • Changes also recorded in readme.

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.zip   Consistent (Size: 68.58 KB / Downloads: 385)
CCMiniLP, my CCLP1 submissions. Outdated and not recommended.
CCSignificantlyLargerLP, my CCLP4 submissions. Currently more up-to-date than my main set.
Consistent Inconsistency (ongoing), my main CC1 custom set. (discussion thread)
RyanJ1.dat (ongoing), my main CC2 custom set. (discussion thread)
Mystery Project. More details when i finish a first draft of the levels. Previews.

YouTube, featuring miscellaneous Chip's Challenge stuff.
Twitch, featuring nothing lol.

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