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My levels so far, along with solution files for select levels. I'll be adding to the set as i make more levels. (Discussion thread)

What's New in Version 1.5.-1
  • 1.5.-1: Another amalgamation of edits!
  • TWO SETS OF RULES CONTINUED - condensed a couple rooms to make room for another; increased chip count to accomodate new room; modified a few other rooms
  • TWO RULES: EXTRAS - removed more redundant rooms, added a few new ones
  • FLIPSIDE - renamed back to FLIP-SIDE-UP and split into 2 levels; extended version renamed to FLIP-SIDE-UP: Extended Version
  • BRICKS - changed time limit back to 60
  • 3D LOGIC mini-series - 2 new levels, several changes to other 2
  • THE BIG CRUNCH - made walk through ball clock in upper left (and thus the bug room) optional
  • CIRCULUS IN PROBANDO - changed SW room: more buttons, no connections
  • DANCE DANCE CHIPOLUTION - changed a couple toggle walls and the hint text
  • SUCK A BUN - deleted because CC2 is available now
  • 13 new levels:
  • - 1 is from the FLIPSIDE split
  • - 2 are remakes of existing levels (original Team Aqua Hideout by Flareon350)
  • - 2 are MS ports from CC3D
  • - 2 are 3D Logic levels
  • - 5 are competition levels (4 in create comps, 1 as a TT level)
  • - 1 is an original creation (not including any comp levels)
  • Changes also recorded in readme.

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CCMiniLP, my CCLP1 submissions. Outdated, not recommended.
CCSignificantlyLargerLP, my CCLP4 submissions. More current than my main set.
Consistent Inconsistency (ongoing), my main CC1 custom set. (discussion)
RyanJ1.dat (ongoing), my main CC2 custom set. (discussion)
Mystery Project (unfinished) (previews)

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