April 2017 Time Trial - Random No More
New Time Trial levels!


You may notice something a bit odd about the levels. First, they may seem familiar. This is because they are heavily based on previous Time Trial levels. I took two levels with heavy random components and edited them to something a bit more predictable. Thus they feel a bit different than ones I might have built myself from scratch, but also they have a quality that is hard to capture in new levels.

The other odd thing is that the set does not just have these two levels. First, there is more than one version of both of these Time Trial levels. This is to provide simpler still simpler versions if you don't want to combat the boosting and monster timing. The competition is about optimizing the first two levels, Not Random
and Dissenter
, but if you can score a better time on the alternate versions (levels #3-5), then we'll count those as your score for that level instead. So instead of Not Random
, you may solve either Simply Not Random
or Still Not Random
; and instead of Dissenter
you may solve Simply Dissenter
. Note that the time limits for the alternate versions of the levels are slightly lower than that of the main two levels, so the optimal should not be better on them (even without taking into account stuff like boosting differences). If you provide solutions for all the levels, we'll just count the one that gives you the best score, but I may post your other scores too.

I realize that this is the last month of CCLP4 voting, so I hope you can juggle your time between all these interesting activities. The deadline for this competition is May 3rd. Please send your submissions, either in tws or avi or some other form, to me at my email valeosote at hotamail dot com.

Finally, what about levels #6-11? You'll have to check the April Create Competition thread for info on that!



UPDATE: the first level (and it's other version, #3) has gotten an update. Solutions from the original will still be accepted, but discouraged. Details below in a new post.

Other technicalities and details:

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Update time!

If you tried the first level, Not Random
, you might have noticed that the final room is a bit annoying. Sure, the original RANDOM was also annoying, but this one wasn't meant to be quite as faithful in that aspect. This also affects the level Simply Not Random
so in that regard this simplification also fails to be much simpler.

I have decided to update the level and its simpler version. I have removed both pink balls in this room from the monster list. They still are in the level but do not move in MS. As the change does not slow down any existing solutions, I will accept solutions to either version, but there shouldn't be a reason to use the first version if you see this text. You can download the new version again or apply the change yourself to the file. This change should not have any effect on existing solutions nor on Lynx. Apologies.

Thanks for Xindictive for pointing this out to me. And thanks for your quick submissions too!

1. Ihavenoname248 15
pts 915 +(239)+ (0) + 243 +(906)-> 1158 MS

2. Kevin_________ 12
pts (0) + 241 + (0) + (0) + 905 -> 1146 MS

3. rubenspaans___ 10
pts (0) + 243 + (0) +(241)+ 882 -> 1125 Lynx

4. Xindictive_____ 8
pts 880 + 214 + (0) + (0) + (0) -> 1094 MS

Congrats to IHNN for pulling out the win with these uninviting levels! I honestly used these levels because I didn't want to play them and knew I could concentrate on CCLP4 voting. That actually sounds worse than I meant it, as a big reason I couldn't participate was that I designed the second level around in a way where it would not have been fair for me to participate. Still, the design of the first level might be a low point for the levels I've made for these competitions. Great work from all of you, and in particular Ruben's score of 243 without boosting in Lynx stands out to me as very nice work. Thanks to all of you for bearing with(out!) me through this month. Slight smile

More design related comments:
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And here are some of the quickest solutions:

Leave comments! (like how everyone picked up the extra yellow key! (well, except Kevin, but his solution is not shown))


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