Revamping my level set pages
OK I'm finally getting around to updating the CC2 solvability list layout... It appears to be working now, although adding levels beyond the "total" number doesn't work yet, and now deleting those extra levels beyond the total seems to have broken for CC1 too... Hopefully will all be running smoothly soon...or in another month. Tongue

Edit - if I'm understanding my code correctly, apparently deleting "extra" levels never did work on CC1 either... I just have to do it manually in the database for now I guess... I did tweak and fix some other issues.
Mike L

My level sets:
MikeL2 - 200 levels, updated 1/22/2017
MikeL2-fix - Lynx compatible version of MikeL2
MikeL3 - 86 levels, updated 1/22/2017 - a best-of set with levels from MikeL2, MikeL4 or my now-hidden rejects set
MikeL4 - 27 levels, updated 1/22/2017 - home of any new post-2009 levels I make
MikeLrejects - 351 levels, updated 5/16/2013 - all my older/experimental/not as good levels

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