ON THE ROCKS "challenge"
You know, this is something that is mentioned every now and then, usually as a joke: go to level 33 of CC1 "ON THE ROCKS" and use the blocks to drain the whole level. Sometimes it is suggested to later fill the whole level with blocks once the water has been drained.

Well, I did it. Just to be able to say I was the first person to do it.

No video, just a .tws for proof.

I will also mention that there are spots in the level where it is impossible to occupy it with a block (besides the path to the exit and the ice spaces), mainly due to the walls surrounding the block cloners being in the way. In retrospect, I realize some of them where actually possible to fill up with a block, with extra maneuvering, but anyways, it was already too late, plus there aren't more than 4 or 5 of these squares, so it's good enough.

Also, the .tws was made with Tileworld 2.2.0. just in case there are compatibility issues.

.tws   CHIPS.DAT-ms.dac.tws (Size: 37.89 KB / Downloads: 19)
It's been 10+ years since I started talking about making a levelset. Could it be true, that I finally get to realeasing it? [HASHLEVELS_demo.ccl]

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