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Hello everyone!

Here I am to announce my first ever levelset (it's a CC1 set). I've been in the community, since, 2010, I believe, and just now I release my first set. Even though I've always been talking about numerous levelset projects from me over the years, I never got around to making enough levels for them/completing them. Sorry for all the unnecessary hype. I guess, back then, I thought I had a greater interest in CC than I really had... Nowadays my interest is bigger (I guess CC resonates better with 20-something year old me than with 14-20 year old me).

Well, enough about me. Lets direct our attention back to the set.

The first thing I would like to point out is that it is MS + LYNX compatible.

I would like to keep a secret the number of levels, but I will say that it's more than 20 and less than 90.

Also, for a first levelset, I'd say it has plenty of variety, and that the amount of tedious levels is low and the guesswork is fair. Some of the older levels are a bit more on the unforgiving side, but, they're not many, and I edited some of them to reduce the unforgiving factor. I think that it has an okay difficulty curve, and that the level types are spread out (so that you don't get too many block pushing levels in a row, for example). As for the level sizes, they tend to fill up the entire map (although mostly with walled edges). Making smaller puzzles will be something worth improving on, on my part.

I guess the advantage of me taking so long to make/release my first set is that by the time I did, I've already read a lot from you guys about design-related things that aren't very welcomed. I remember my first few levels I ever made including a room full of hot blocks (except for one block, obviously), and teeth that clone every few seconds, just for the sake of adding difficulty.

In short, I think my set will be recieved well.

Another few things about it:

- The file is called HASHLEVELS_BETA.ccl. Feedback / bust reports / edit suggestions are welcome, and after some time, I'll release it in its final form as simply HASHLEVELS.ccl. There's just something that puts me off about releasing a levelset a bunch of times, with updates each time, but the file name stays the same, because maybe in several years you'll find 10 versions of a set, and forget which one is the real deal. Also, don't 100% expect me to edit my levels after your edit suggestions. I only will if I agree with you.

- After some time (a few weeks or a month probably), I'd like to propose a challenge/contest involving one of my levels in which the winners get their names written in the level's hint. More about that when the time comes.

That is all.

Hope you enjoy!

Edit (a few minutes after original post)

- There's a .ccx file that'll go with it (yes, a .ccx file). It belongs in the data folder of Tile World 2, if you care to install it. I do recon, however, that not 100% of chipsters use Tile World 2, but hey, I tried. If you don't/can't install it, don't worry, you won't miss any crucial information. You may be wondering why I decided to include this obscure file along with the set. I have my reasons. Here I'll summarize them:

1. It makes the levelset stand out more.

2. It allows you to state your set's compatibility. I believe every set should have this information available, even if the compatibility is obvious. It'll make lists of levels (where compatibility is also mentioned) more easy to make (for example, the one Mike L made for his site).

3. Last, and most importantly, even if your set doesn't have a storyline, sometimes you want to make a comment about your level, within the level, and sometimes a hint tile is just not enough.

I have edited my post because I tried attaching the .ccx file directly, but .ccx is so obscure that it won't even let me, so I posted without it, while I find ways to get around this. I did, in the form of .zip. So, my levelset will be posted as a .zip file with both the .ccl and the .ccx inside. To avoid confusion with a CC2 set, [CC1] is included in the .zip's name.

That is all.

Hope you enjoy!

Edit (15th of June, 2020)

I realize this thread would've been better in the CC1 sets subforum. I uploaded my demo version there, but the full set here. I thought it was more of an archive than a discussion place. Oh, well.

I have decided to separate the .ccx (.zip file) and the .ccl. This is because CCZone is probably the only place I'll be uploading the .ccx file, and if I decide to upload my set somewhere else CC related, I'll only be uploading the .ccl, so it'll be best to keep the two files separate.

Levelset changes:

- [31] FLIES IN SOUP: Minor edits. Made it possible to avoid one extra glider reaching the exit area. Removed the hint that suggests to have all the chips before entering the following room. Made it so that the hint is not even needed.

- [33] ABANDONED SUBWAY STATION: OLD SUBWAY STATION has been redesigned! For both gameplay and aesthetic improvements.

- [44] EIGHTEEN ROOMS MANAGEMENT: Minor edits. Blob room has slightly more force floors so that there's only one space between force floor slides.
First chipster ever reported to fill ON THE ROCKS with blocks.

HASHLEVELS.dat (49 CC1 levels)
(04-Jun-2020, 11:57 PM)Hash1 Wrote: - After some time (a few weeks or a month probably), I'd like to propose a challenge/contest involving one of my levels in which the winners get their names written in the level's hint. More about that when the time comes.


So here I am to propose a challenge/contest involving one of my levels. (The reason for the delay was to give time for others to notice this thread).

So, for anyone interested, here is what this challenge/contest is about:

- Solve level 37 of my levelset ➡️ BETWEEN THE ROCKS (Password: BQSN). Reach the exit with each color in the inventory: Red key, blue key, yellow key, green key. Doesn't matter how many of each, at least one of each.

- I'll be taking .tws files for proof. Preferably with only BETWEEN THE ROCKS solved. It can be in LYNX or MS.

- The first 10 people to do it (or less, depending on how many people participate) will get their names/usernames written in the hint.

- Optimization is not a requirement.

- This solution is possible, I have solved it in both rulesets.

- Once you have the .tws file, PM me on CCZone or Discord (username "Rudostolfo (Hash1)") for the next step.

Chip Win Good luck!

Edit (28th of June)

The deadline for  .tws submissions for the competition will be 9th of July, 2020
First chipster ever reported to fill ON THE ROCKS with blocks.

HASHLEVELS.dat (49 CC1 levels)

.dat   HASHLEVELS.dat (Size: 42.55 KB / Downloads: 284)

.zip   [CC1]_HASHLEVELS_CCX.zip (Size: 4.7 KB / Downloads: 244)


It's about time to release HASHLEVELS.dat (Final version)

I don't think I'll ever again keep a secret the number of levels for future sets of mine, almost anything that lists sets tells you the number of levels a set contains... anyways, this is just something minor.

As you may have noticed, it is no longer .ccl
Now it is .dat

insignificant change, but why did I do it?
Well, my set was uploaded to the CC Discord chat, and even though I released it as .ccl , I noticed it was availible there only as .dat.
So I was wondering... If one extention changes into another on a levelset hosting site, if anything, it'll probably go from .ccl to .dat, and never vice-versa.

So, just for the sake of consistency, just so that nobody gets confused because they downloaded my set from different sources, and end up with both .ccl and .dat, again, just for the sake of consistency, I'll upload my set(s) as .dat from now on.

I've decided to not modify my final version once it's uploaded. If you find a bust, just be happy, I guess, that the bust is there to be taken advantage of. Bust reports are still welcome, and just maybe I'll re-release the busted level in another levelset.

No one gave feedback or bust reports, this is not a complaint though, I believe these things should happen through volunteering, and not through feeling obligated.

Also, my competition involving level 37 BETWEEN THE ROCKS is closed, since 9th of July, as stated beforehand. Thank you, Bacorn, for participating.

I have considered re-opening my competition, but ultimately decided not to, due to time constraints for me. Maybe, or maybe not, I'll host another competition in the future. It did get my attention, though, that different things in CC1 levels that offer an extra challenge can easily be implemented in CC2 in the form of bonus flags, without the need for the designer to verbally propose the extra challenge, but, hey, maybe it's still fun for some people to get their names written somewhere in some other person's CC1 set.

Okay, now, here comes HASHLEVELS.dat (final version):

49 levels to keep you entertained (or at least to make the community 49 levels further away from running out of levels to play).

There are short levels, long levels, easy levels, intermediate levels, and harder than intermediate levels (difficulty is subjective, so I don't know if I dare to call any of my levels 'hard'). Watch out for level 46, though. Only level to get near Bloblake difficulty. They all have one thing in common, though: the ability to be played in MS and LYNX!

49 levels with either good or just okay aesthetics.

49 levels with a smooth flow (at least that's what my intention was, and how it actually is in my opinion).

The inclusion of a .ccx file (inside a .zip file), because sometimes it's fun to briefly talk to the player between some levels, and the hint tile tends to fall short in that aspect.
(installation: 'data' folder of Tile World 2).

Maybe, just maybe, there'll be a HASHLEVELS 2, and maybe, just maybe, some other levelset projects in between.

So, here you are!

Levelset Changes:

- Minor changes, with no gameplay alterations, in [6] TEETH CUBICLES, [16] MYRTLE HOTEL, [24] A CHOICE IN THE MATTER,
[31] WORKING IN PAIRS, and [49] ALBUM.

-Edit (20th, Nov. 2020)

Realized .ccx file was for HASHLEVELS_BETA. Updated .ccx file for HASHLEVELS.

.dat   HASHLEVELS.dat (Size: 42.55 KB / Downloads: 284)

.zip   [CC1]_HASHLEVELS_CCX.zip (Size: 4.7 KB / Downloads: 244)
First chipster ever reported to fill ON THE ROCKS with blocks.

HASHLEVELS.dat (49 CC1 levels)

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