CC Level packs through Steam
Hey all,

I was hoping someone might be able to give me some instructions on how to run CC level packs (such as CCLP1, CCLP2, etc.) through the Steam version of CC or CC2? 

I played the original game on a windows 98 as a kid, then more recently played the level packs through Wills World on an old phone. Now I do not have access to either of these. I have really enjoyed getting back into CC recently with the release of CC2 and the voting for CC2LP1, but now I am hoping I will be able to relive these official sets and play some other community members' sets through the Steam version.  Happy

Thanks in advance,
You should use the freeware clone "Tile World":
Not specifically because it's free or a fan project, but because the Steam ruleset has some differences that can make older levels designed for it not function unless they're tweaked.

For example, on the Steam version, you can't arbitrarily link traps and clone machines - trap buttons and clone machine buttons now specifically link to the next trap/cloner in reading order. So levels with those buttons need to have them manually replaced with CC2's pink buttons and wires, and even those have some differences that might cause the level not to work right (for example, objects on traps will involuntarily move one space forward when the trap is opened by a brown button, but not when the trap is opened by a pink button). Some button configurations also might be impossible to recreate in general, like if you have a trap or cloner surrounded by tiles that wires can't go on that also wouldn't be activated with the proper button by reading order.

There is a program that converts .dat levelsets to Steam levelsets, but it can't be fully relied on due to the changes mentioned above, unless you're converting a levelset where buttons are always linked in reading order.
I figured there could be some ruleset compatability issues! Thanks for explaining it so clearly!  Happy

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