Here is a 13-level demo of a levelset that I may eventually add more levels to.  Every level revolves around some sort of symmetrical design.  Feedback is welcome.   Happy

.dat   symmetry-DEMO.dat (Size: 8.56 KB / Downloads: 20)
I meant to give feedback earlier, finally have the time to do it, so here goes.

1. Yellow Jacket - fun introductory dodging challenge. The time limit is just right and the wall pattern is a nice easter egg.

2. Two-Way One-Ways - decent intro to block puzzles. Not much else to say.

3. Rise from the Ashes - the nailing required here makes for a fun, yet easy challenge.

4. The Dividing Line - one of my favorites of the set. The "throwup" theme as Josh likes to call it is one of my favorites, and all of the puzzles are pretty legit. Would like to see this in CCLP5.

5. Concentricity- an odd level. I don't see the point of the trap buttons aside from aesthetic value. Extra chips are welcome though. Not a bad level, just kind of odd.

6. Generic Nail Level - a clever little level, not much else to say.

7. Dia-Gone - a decent level with a cool theme of sokobans with less blocks than buttons. Level itself is easy enough, the concept is worth exploring.

8. Gummy Bear Stew - a tricky level where you have to be careful with your blocks. I like this level, tripped me up for a while.

9. Trapdoor Temple - pretty cool level, the extra chips are a good addition but I'd say that the level is pretty legit and reasonable even if all chips were required.

10. Warehouse 9x9 - as someone who's currently building 9x9 levels, a block puzzle like this is a great way to use the space. It's quite challenging too. Liked this a lot.

11. Let's Settle This - fantastic level. You took the idea of teeth guiding and made something novel out of it in a small space. The puzzle is very legit, and while it seems to be a bit unequal in Lynx, it's not that big of an issue. Hope to see this in CCLP5.

12. Ambidextrous - yet another great level. The idea behind the solution to the level is very cool, another CCLP5 candidate imo.

13. Yet Another Mirror - we finish this set with possibly its best level. I can tell that you're proud of this level, and you should be. The Parallel Universe-esque sections at the beginning and the end are fun, and the jagged look of the level gives it a unique aesthetic. But the real crown jewel here is the puzzle with the teeth. Definitely would push for this to be in an official set, hopefully at the 105 spot :p

My final thoughts for this version of the set? It's a very good levelset, there weren't any levels that I actually disliked. The puzzle difficulty and the difficulty curve here were both well done. I am hoping to see more additions to this set. Great job on this!

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