Knytt Stories tileset
This was bundled with a CC2 levelset I made for the Knytt Stories community as part of an April Fools' joke (in what other context would making a CC2 level for another community make sense, really). There's a member there named LPChip and the rest just came together pretty naturally. I've shown this in a few gifs, and Moonman and Chipster seemed to like it, so here you go I guess.

Characters, enemies, and tiles are reskinned to look like stuff from Knytt Stories, except gender signs which are just reskinned blue/pink for niceness, hiking boots which I made look different from fire boots as an experiment, and Chip himself who's modeled after a character that represents LPChip. Purple force floors and their respective boots are a reference to a KS mod that adds purple tiles which move you in their direction against your will.

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