CCLP3 - Blobs Edition
Alright, so you may have seen something like this before. And yes, this is a "blobs only" version of CCLP3.

So basically, every single monster in each level has been replaced with a blob, along with a few other minor changes as deemed necessary.

Now you may be wondering, Tom, why are you doing this? Well, to answer that, I was just simply bored at the time and didn't really have anything else to do, so I figured I'd fill in the missing piece of the blobs edition hall of fame, whatever you want to call it, which was CCLP3.

And I guess that is about it. So here you go. Feel free to play this at your own risk and remember, this is just for fun!

.dat   CCLP3Blobs.dat (Size: 110.78 KB / Downloads: 48)
My Levelset: TomB1.dat (95 levels, Version 1.3.3, Last updated May 8th, 2021)

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