March 2021 Create Competition - Strictly Creative
The objective of this month’s Create Competition is to make a level that can also be posted as a message in the CCBBC Discord, using the available emotes. Thank you, Ryan, for coming up with this cool idea! Take the competition for what it is. Like, I don’t expect CCLP5 or CC2LP2 material to come out of it (but then again who knows), it’s more for the fun of it & because we can!
The competition will have two categories: Strict and Creative. (To be consistent with previous competitions, though, I will name one total winner)

Levels submitted to this category may consist only of the Chip’s Challenge (CC) (and Lexy’s Labyrinth (LL)) tile emotes avialable. The person that views your discord message level must be able to see how the level plays, thus tile combinations (e.g. item under block, player on gravel) are not allowed and wiring is not possible. I have asked that floor tile and wall tile be added for your convenience - feel free however to go super strict if you want to and make your level without those two tiles.

In this category, you may also use the other emojis that are available in the CCBBC Discord, if they resemble CC or LL tiles. There are for example hearts and a square with a heart which can represent the LL versions of computer chip and chip socket. You may have to motivate your choices and if you can’t convince me that an emoji represents a game tile, that will be held against the level in judging. Tile combinations (for example a boot under a block) are not allowed (unless you should find an emoji that is an obvious combination). Wiring – if you find a way to represent wire between tiles (I can think of a couple of creative ways) wiring will be allowed (and there doesn’t have to be “wire” on the actual connected tile). It must still be obvious to the viewer of the discord message level how the level plays. General emotes may have different appearance on different devices, but you will be asked to post a screen shot of what the level looks like to you.

In your discord message level, you can mix CC1/CC2/LL graphics however you want, and in your level file each tile will represent the function of the tile in your message (like, a heart in your message level can be a computer chip in your .dat level).

• Each participant can submit up to two levels (preferably one per category but that’s your choice).
• You can make your level(s) in any editor you want, keeping in mind which tiles are allowed. Submit your playable, solvable level(s) (.c2m, .dat, .ccl or even a LL link), preferably with a replay unless the solution is trivial, to me on Discord at Ida#3327 or via DM here on CCZone. Since March has already begun, I will accept submissions until midnight (whenever that is in your time zone) Sunday 4th of April. Extensions will be granted for up to a week if you let me know you’re working on something.
• After sumbissions are officially closed, post your level(s) as discord messages in #competitions within 3 days. (If this time limit is a problem for you, contact me and we’ll work it out). Please do not post level messages in #competitions before submissions of level files end. Use soft enter (shift+enter on computer keyboard) to break the lines in your level. You will probably have to split your level to several messages, as the limit of emotes in one message appears to be 71 (as explained by IHNN in #sandbox).
• Please don’t break anyones levels with reacts or posts between lines.
• When you’re done posting your level, please take a screen shot of how the level looks on your device, and post that immediately following the level message.

Play around in #sandbox to know how to post your level message. The size (width) of the level is limited to the number of emotes that can be in one single row in discord – however, this number will vary on different devices and with different settings. I would recommend that you make a small level, so that the entering of emotes will not be too tedious. It will probably be a bit tedious even for small level, but we’re all nerds when it comes to Chip’s Challenge, right? We can do it! A smaller level also increases the chance of the level displaying properly on more devices.

If you like, you can help me judge the levels by reacting positively on the posted screen shots of submitted levels that you like. Please don’t make any negative reacts on people’s levels, any of those will not be considered. However, you can react with for example WaitWhat if you feel there are a tile in the level that needs further explanation.

Sorry for the long post. If after reading all this you feel I have still missed something, or have any questions, please let me know either in this thread or via DM.
I received a total of six levels for this competition, all in the Strict category and all from different designers. I have had a great time playing through these levels and trying to review them. Overall, I’m impressed by the levels that you have made within the limitations of this competition.
Warning, spoilers (to some of the level solutions) ahead.

4th place [Click to Show Content]
3rd place (shared) [Click to Show Content]
2nd place [Click to Show Content]
1st place [Click to Show Content]

Thank you to all of you for participating!

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