Did steam fix cc1?
There's been a long debate about whether lynx or ms (and their various platforms) are better.  Now we have a new platform (steam) and a THIRD version of cc1 behavior.  Here's what I think about the differences:

  • Animation.  All ms-versions have step-animation, which I HATE.  This is the main reason I've always been TW-lynx-leaning.  Certainly others like step-animation (mainly because of its optimization possibilities) but seriously, it only exists because Windows 3 was lame.  To help make my point -- steam has real animation.
  • Keys.  Ms-style keys are all the same.  Where's the fun in that?  Also, since the original Epyx version had differing keys, it makes sense.  Just get that blue JAILER key early!
  • Block-slapping and block-flicking.  I am a fan of neither of these.  I know that block-slapping is an original thing (LESSON 4 and SPECIAL) but you don't really need it.  And flicking is just a stupid mistake in the ms code that somehow made a CCLP2 level unwinnable without it.  I'd be happy if steam didn't have either (but it emulates lynx.)
  • Dying in fire.  I've always thought it was stupid that only bugs and walkers don't die in fire.  The lynx way makes much more sense.  (Steam matches lynx.)
  • Player graphics.  This is one where TW got it wrong.  Agreed, they couldn't use existing graphics, but chip is so dark I can barely make out any features.  Also CC is supposed to be a friendly game, not D&D.  Thankfully, steam fixed this nicely.
  • Random Force Floors.  Honestly, I like the way ms did this -- actually random.  The rotating floor idea is more annoying than helpful.
  • Explosion Delay.  Too long in lynx, but steam has shortened it.  I like the steam version.
  • Splash Delay.  I dislike splash delay and would prefer the ms model.  At least it's shorter in steam.
  • Boosting.  Boosting is like JOSHUA in War Games.  It's a back door that shouldn't exist.
  • Glitches.  There are glitches in all the versions, but ms has the most "what the ??" glitches and I don't think they add anything to the game.  And I'm tired of adding a ball on a force floor so my teeth will clone in the correct direction.
  • Game interface.  Tileworld did a really good job with the interface (in all the versions.)  The steam interface doesn't seem to be as flexible and I can't seem to get the size I want.
  • Walkers.  SPIRALS was never meant to be so difficult. Lynx/steam is clearly the winner here.
  • Blobs.  I like the graphics of lynx where it moves between tiles, but frankly I stink at BLOBDANCE in any version.
  • Death collisions.  In ms I can see what I ran into.  In lynx/steam it looks like I (and the creature) never actually made it to each other.  Pretty annoying.
  • Graphics.  I admit to some nostalgia here.  I like the pink rolling lynx ball over the purple bouncing ball (although I get it -- bowling ball was coming.)  I like ms-style gliders.  I like steam-style doors.  So basically I'm all over the place.
  • In general -- I still play in Lynx most of the time.  I see that the CCLPs are being converted to steam, and I will play them.
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