Figuring out the hardest levels in CCLP3
I'd say 134 (We'll Be Right Back), 143 (Same Game), and 146 (Suspended Animation) are the most difficult. I could be wrong though
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One last hint needed for 149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents).

To explode the bomb at [17, 11], I need to use six blocks on the left to build a bridge to the gravel, then bring the seventh block to [17, 10] before pressing the blue button.

To get the final chip (at [8, 21]), I need to build a bridge to it. However, this bridge requires four blocks (since the earlier one does not fill the water at [8, 17]) and I only have three.

Which of the following is correct?
1. It is possible to build the first bridge with less than six blocks.
2. It is possible to build the final bridge with three blocks (such as by including [8, 17] in the first bridge).
3. I need to get the fourth block from somewhere else.
4. There is another way to reach the final chip.
5. There is another way to explode the bomb at [17, 11] (excluding the MS-only bust).
I have finally overcome Level 149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents)!

Turns out that the answer to my list is 5. Placing the seventh block at [17, 10] is the wrong way to explode the bomb at [17, 11]. I did previously consider the correct way but thought it impossible because opening the toggle wall would kill the pink ball cloning fireballs. That level was an incredible series of puzzles!

With my CCLP3 score crossing the 5.5 million mark, I am satisfied for now. The remaining six levels (137, 140, 143, 144, 146, 147) may be truly beyond my ability. (Meanwhile, I have four unsolved levels in CCLP4: 126, 137, 146 and 147).

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