Feburary 2022 Create Competition - Monochromatization
A Create Competition is a level design contest where anyone can make a level or levels from a given prompt or theme, which are then judged and ranked, with feedback. Whether you're a veteran designer with hundreds of levels or have never made a level before in your life, your submission is welcome here!

This competition is once again hosted by everyone's favourite dynamic duo, Sickly & Sharpeye! This month's theme is single colour levels, your level should be built using a predefined palette for either CC1 or CC2.

The palettes for CC1 (the judges are using the MSCC tileset if you wonder where the colours come from) are as follows:

blue/cyan: water, ice, ice corners, blue walls, fake exits, teleports, blue buttons, theif, splash, fake exits, swimming chip, flippers, skates, blue keys, blue doors, tanks, walkers, gliders, fake exits.

red/yellow: fire, blocks, dirt, red doors, yellow doors, red buttons, brown buttons, bombs, traps, hints, burned chips (fire background), bugs, fireballs, carpets (paramecia), red keys, yellow keys, fire boots.

green: FFs, green doors, green buttons, toogle walls, RFFs, teeth, blobs, green keys, suction boots, extra Chip McChips.

grey: floors, walls, chip (item), invisible walls, appearing walls, panels, socket, gravel, popup walls, gliders, clone machines (without elements), burned chips (no background).

For CC1 the use of floors, walls, one exit, and clone machines or traps with an element of the correct colour on top, are allowed for any palette.

The palettes for CC2 (judges are using the official CC2 tileset) are as follows:

blue/cyan: blue buttons, gender signs, blue walls, blue tanks, ice, ice corners, water (no turtles), walkers, skates, flippers, ice blocks, blue teeth, blue teleport, canopy, key thief, blue key, blue door, x2 flags, ghosts, rovers, blue custom floor/wall.

red: red buttons, orange buttons, fire jets, fire balls, fire jets, bombs, fire, fire boots, teeth, red teleports, no signs, tool theif, red keys, red doors, TNT, clocks, 10 flags, 100 flags, clone machines (without elements).

yellow: yellow buttons, brown buttons, hints, traps, yellow tanks, bugs, yellow custom floors/walls, direcitonal blocks (need arrows), blocks, yellow teleport, yellow keys, yellow doors, railroads, light switch, counter, speed boots, hiking boots, bribes, dirt, 1k flags, railroad signs.

green: green buttons, toogle walls, green walls, FFs, RFFs, turtles, toogle bombs, toogle chips, blob seminal fluid, blobs, swivel doors, suction boots, green teleports, green keys, green doors, eye, green custom walls/floors.

pink: pink button, pink toggle walls, panels, pink custom wall/floor, paramecia, wires/logic gates (ideally all should be on at level start or end but that's not required), lightning, pink balls.

grey: sockets, chips (items), grey buttons, black buttons, pop up walls, transgendifier, floors, walls, invis walls, appearing walls, steel, steel walls, hook, floor mimics, gliders, gravel, railroads, directional blocks, bowling balls, helmets.

Like CC1 walls, floors, an exit, and clone machines or traps with appropriate element(s) are allowed, however walls and floors are discouraged for most themes unless strictly needed.

And finally, some administrative details:
  • Submit your level(s) to either Sharpeye468#9238 or A Sickly Silver Moon#4836 on Discord or by PM on the forums before March 7th. Extensions will be granted on a case for case basis if one is needed because there are creative ideas flowing, there was an unexpected development, or I get paid enough.
  • Whilst you are technically allowed to submit unlimited levels, please note that we will only be judging your best two, so if you submit more you must note which they are.
  • Make new levels, its a create competition no a "who has a large catalog" competition.
  • Levels should be solvable, if its CC1 please include a TWS or JSON, for CC2 please record a replay for the level.
  • Sharpeye and I will be looking through the levels around the day of, most likely on a discord stream. Please don't make us get banned.
  • If you have any questions about the competition, if a level is legal, or anything of that sort, please don't hesitate to ask here or on Discord.
  • Finally, your levels only have to be solvable in as many rulesets as you choose (minimum 1 obviously), if you want to make an MS only level go right ahead. Lynx only? Right on! CC2/Steam only? Well how else are you gonna use the CC2 element sets? But also do tell us what ruleset(s) each level targets, thanks!
Hi I'm A Sickly Silver Moon
and I currently develop SuperCC and work on levels from time to time

I also made the world's best CC2 tileset: Lunar
[Image: ZYZWJuE.png]
As well as a very fun CC1 tileset: CGA
[Image: RWZdY7b.png]
Blue/Cyan [Click to Show Content]

red/yellow [Click to Show Content]

Green [Click to Show Content]

Grey [Click to Show Content]

Pink [Click to Show Content]

So that makes the overall winner:
Secret! [Click to Show Content]
Hi I'm A Sickly Silver Moon
and I currently develop SuperCC and work on levels from time to time

I also made the world's best CC2 tileset: Lunar
[Image: ZYZWJuE.png]
As well as a very fun CC1 tileset: CGA
[Image: RWZdY7b.png]

Late, but still not too late! Here's the video of the judging stream

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