June 2023 Create Competition - Gravity Pull
Have you ever noticed that things usually fall down in real life? Have you ever noticed that things usually don't fall down in Chip's Challenge? Let's fix that!

The theme of this competition is gravity!

Now, this is a bit more vague than other create competitions, but here are some general guidelines:
  • The levels should revolve around the player (and/or things the player interacts with) falling in a certain direction. Note that not all of the level must be oriented in one direction.
  • This usually involves force floors, but an example of a level which fits the theme without focusing on force floors is Super Chip, which uses ice for "gravity".
  • Some other good examples of gravity levels are CCLP3's Gravity Well, the blue key section of CC2LP1's Dialectic Materialism, and West Wind Tower and Landslide from Andrew M's sets (TwoSides/SameCoin). I suppose levels like CCLP1's Quincunx and CCLP2's Joyrides also fit.
Hopefully those guidelines aren't too restrictive!

Submit your levels to me via Discord (@g_lander). All levels must be solvable, and a solution must be provided, in the form of a SuCC JSON (if applicable, TWS or MP4 files also work) or a C2M built-in replay. Levels don't have to work in all rulesets, but do tell me in which ones your levels are solvable in. The submissions deadline is June 26th July 29th, with extensions, if needed. Ask me on Discord (in DMs or in #competitions) if you have any questions!
It's (past) the submission deadline and I've only received one submission. Busy month for everyone, I suppose.

Anyways, due to that, I'm extending the submission deadline by another month. The new deadline is July 29th. Hopefully we get some more submissions!
Hey guys! I've received four submissions in total from three people, and I suppose it's time to rank them! 

4th place [Click to Show Content]
3rd place [Click to Show Content]
2nd place [Click to Show Content]
1st place [Click to Show Content]

That's all! Huge thanks to everyone who submitted, I liked playing everyone's levels!

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