Walls of CCLP4
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Note that there are 2 files: the regular one and the "pure" one. The regular one tries to leave in something wall-like when there aren't enough walls. The pure one does not, and also removes all the buried wall tiles.

See the competition thread for details.

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.dat   CCLP4 walls.dat (Size: 86.02 KB / Downloads: 159)
.dat   CCLP4 walls pure.dat (Size: 67.67 KB / Downloads: 162)
CCMiniLP, my CCLP1 submissions. Outdated, not recommended.
CCSignificantlyLargerLP, my CCLP4 submissions. More current than my main set.
Consistent Inconsistency (ongoing), my main CC1 custom set. (discussion)
RyanJ1.dat (ongoing), my main CC2 custom set. (discussion)
Mystery Project (unfinished) (previews)

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