Walls of CCLP2
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version 1 released Feb 2, 2018.

Currently 26 levels.

All Levels have been tested; should be all solvable and all bonuses should be obtainable as well. Please let me know immediately if a level is unsolvable or of any other problems. This pack has no custom music atm.

Any feedback is welcome. Post here:

CC Zone File embed: https://cczone.invisionzone.com/topic/14.../?do=embed

or PM me.

Confirmed solvable? yes

What's New in Version 3.0.0

currently 48 levels

Swivel Tombs: made some areas optional

bonuses added on Mission Improbable

new levels added:

28: Tempest

32: Back on Track

33: Present Push

35: Ye Chip of Old

36: Thief

37: Melinda on Mullberry Street

38: Which Switch is Which?

39: Dingbat

40: Play Hooky

41: Hints and Allegations

42: To Each His Own

43: One Way Traffic

49: Quantum Leap*

50: Babylon Fading

51: Bumper Cars

(the numbers here refer to their position in CCLP2 not the current state of this levelset)

*This level requires a good understanding of ghosts relationship with yellow teleports which is not intuitive. Refer to a pinned message in discord under general chat for a detail of how it works.

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