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This package includes the Chip's Challenge levelset AndrewR1 and solutions for it in Tile World solution format (TWS) in both Microsoft mode and (pedantic) Lynx mode. It also contains the unmaintained introductory levelset AndrewR0 as a bonus.

AndrewR1 consists of 38 levels. Levels 1-34 are compatible with all three game modes, and identical in the last two: Microsoft, (regular) Lynx, and pedantic Lynx. Level 35 is also compatible with all modes, but not identical in the two Lynx ones. Level 36 is only compatible with the first two, and level 37 only with Microsoft mode. Level 38 is unsolved.

Level 11 was included in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3 (CCLP3), but the version in this set differs due to pedantic Lynx mode requirements. Level 34 was originally created for a Time Trial competition held in June 2011.

This package was released on October 22, 2017.

This package and (where legally applicable) included files copyright 2017 Andrew Raykowski.

What's New in Version October 22, 2017

Reflecting changed to be more symmetric.

Multiple busts in "lost" levels fixed and solutions updated, but properly this time.

(3 "lost" levels and "lost" levelset AndrewR0 previously added.)

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Check out my levelset: AndrewR1
Discuss it here: AndrewR1 feedback and discussion
I posted comments on all the levels in your feedback thread. Here's the summary I wrote there as well:

Your set is not terrible. I like some of the levels, and you clearly have great ideas in many of them. Some of your design choices feel old school and aren't as player friendly as many current levels are. I like that the set is not too large, so I haven't minded playing through it a few times. The difficulty varies and doesn't get too bad. I like that you have made it work in both Lynx and MS. The set has a few too many ice levels for my taste, but otherwise it has a nice mix of monsters and puzzles. I wouldn't mind recommending this set to someone, and I am interested in seeing what might come in AndrewR2!

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