ZK3: Abandoned
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This is the second set of forty levels of my third (two-part) levelset, ZK3. In the spring of 2017 this levelset was
<span style="font-family:helvetica;"> revamped to improve overall level quality and become much more pleasing to play. This levelset in particular was originally designed to be very difficult and unforgiving, and while that is still a trait of the new version, the remake's difficulty has been adjusted to provide a more enjoyable and fun experience for all.

<span style="font-family:helvetica;">Unlike the older sets, this one in particular has received the lightest change thus far. Many of these levels were not in need of heavy edits.

If you wish to play the original version, it can be found under the oldest version below. It is quite similar to the new version, but may have a few errors.

Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 2.0

major changes to levels 21 and 33, other minor edits

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