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Welcome to enjoy the pain that is funfair0!

This set contains 25 (plus one) new levels and a bunch of bonus levels that I've made for CC Zone over the years. I do not recommend this to be played in order and blind, so sneak a preview in the editor to pick which level you might like to try. I'm pretty sure there is something here for everyone, though I think not all the levels are for everyone.

There are many levels with pop-up walls. There are some mazes. There are lots of puzzles. All the main levels work in both MS and Lynx, though sometimes with different solutions. I also enjoy sequels, so there are a couple in here and more in the works.

This set is about half done compared to how I envisioned it originally. I also started a competition that involves solving some of the levels. The first 26 levels may be used for CCLP4, and if someone likes some of the other levels, I will not mind if they are used too, but they should be nominated by someone first (or however that may work). (I actually think some of the later levels are some of my best work, but they have already been featured in the competitions in some way, so I am not sure if they are the right levels to include in a CCLP4, so that's why I'm not making that call myself.)

I love to hear any feedback and reactions to the levels. Thank you in advance!

Enjoy! Glider


What's New in Version (0.51)
  • Moved Appliances from #6 to #26 and changed some stuff. In its place, added older, easier, busted version of Appliances at #6.
  • Added hint tile to Heads and Tails (#7).
  • Made Ordinary Measure? (#8) quite a bit easier.
  • Added teeth for visual effect in Seven Nine Thirteen (#13).
  • Changed a few things to help the player not make a bad mistake quite so easily in The Hatfield Recalibration (#18).
  • Did nothing on My Blue Friend (#23) even though it's kind of busted and not really good otherwise either. At least it's solvable.

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