Richard B. CCLP4 Submissions
File category: CC1 Levelsets

Richard B's submissions for CCLP4 voting. Two .dat files are included - can be treated as one level pack, there is no need to assume there is a great difference between the two.

What's New in Version v1.4
  • v1.1 Fixed number of chips required in RichardB2 level 22.
  • v1.2 Added RichardB2 level 31 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE EXAMINATION.
  • v1.3 Fixed mistake in RichardB2 level 26.
  • v1.4 Added RichardB2 level 23 EVENT HORIZON and added a hint to RichardB1 level 37 INFILTRATION.

Attached Files
.dat   RichardB1CCLP4.dat (Size: 29.07 KB / Downloads: 415)
.dat   RichardB2CCLP4.dat (Size: 24.47 KB / Downloads: 429)
Zommy (Richard Blaquière)

CLP1-fixed.dat - 40 levels

CLP2.dat - 30 levels, incomplete

RichardB1.dat (consisting exclusively of CLP1-fixed and CLP2 levels) - 58 levels, incomplete

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