Supercollab Compilation
File category: CC1 Levelsets

A compilation of all versions of the level so far, including Tom's troll version. The first four versions are approximated. (discussion thread)

What's New in Version 1.19
  • my revision of 1.18

Attached Files
.dat   Supercollab Master Version.dat (Size: 16.98 KB / Downloads: 374)
CCMiniLP, my CCLP1 submissions. Outdated, not recommended.
CCSignificantlyLargerLP, my CCLP4 submissions. More current than my main set.
Consistent Inconsistency (ongoing), my main CC1 custom set. (discussion)
RyanJ1.dat (ongoing), my main CC2 custom set. (discussion)
Mystery Project (unfinished) (previews)

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