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World-Map levelset- 50 levels for CCLP1 consideration, Thanks!

Mostly: 10 sets of 3 levels similar layouts (generally), but play differenty, Plus 20 others levels from previous levelsets -that were also CCLP1 entries.

Read info at the News Group for list of changes on Jan 28, 2013

I made so many changes that I started over with this updated version, sorry! Please accept my appologies, Thanks!

Check with pieguy's site for levelset complying with entry date for CCLP1.

Ian Wilsoln - thinker

What's New in Version Lynx & MS
  • See the New Group for list of changes 1/28/13
  • This update: The trap that I moved had two connections; I now connecteded the second.
  • Also, Changed the approuch to the EXIT tile-Update time: 1:30 AM Est 1/29/13

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