Tile World 2 [Windows]
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Tile World 2 Windows binaries package (without CCLPs)

What's New in Version 2.1.1
  • Tile World 2.1.1 was created by Eric Schmidt.
  • * The game no longer crashes when starting with a set specified on the commandline or when only a single set is available.
  • * Implemented all the changes to the MS and Lynx logic listed under the Changelog for versions 1.3.1 and and 1.3.2 that were not already implemented.
  • * (Lynx logic) Chip can no longer change direction when stuck inside a teleport. This change also prevents Chip's location wrongly being considered adjacent to the teleport.
  • * In Lynx pedantic mode, creatures can interact with various things they start on. This includes creatures on popup walls causing walls to appear under Chip. It does not include the correct behavior for teleports or for Chip on a clone machine.
  • * In Lynx pedantic mode, Chip starting on ice is stuck, and blocks starting on ice do not move automatically.

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