Blobs.dat - The revenge levelset for all luck-based levels
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This is Zane K's revenge levelset for any luck-based level or levelset. This set has only 8 levels, but all of them require patience, rage, patience, rage, rage, and death.

Two of these levels have been remade and are from CC1 [blobnet and Blobdance].

Bloblake has been remade, now even HARDER! [with permission from Rock]

If you have heart problems or trouble with vision, do not play. Seizures may occur - I am not responsible for any fatal results. Play at your own risk!

Enjoy - or don't. It's up to you - but you will recieve great pride from me if you manage to complete all eight levels!


What's New in Version 1.0
  • Full version released
  • 8 real levels, 1 congratulations level
  • 3 secret messages
  • 1 readme file - read for more info
  • 2 official levels remade
  • 1 custom level remade

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