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This is my second release, after the very appreciated Rock-Alpha.

50 levels ready for you to play, many of which you may have already seen around either from Rock-cclp1 or my 5x5 concept set.. They should all be Lynx-compatible, and if you see any flaw in there, just tell me about it, but there shouldn't Wink Just make sure there's 105 chips required in Boa Boa Boa and 6 in Impulse, so you don't have any bad surprise Wink

Official thanks to James Anderson, Marc Larivière, J.B. Lewis, Andrew Gapic and Josh Lee Hixson, each of them for various reasons.

Cheers and enjoy!

This is rockdet signing out, see ya around!

Chip Win

©2012-2013 Rock Généreux

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Rock-Alpha(It's a great game, Bill) 65 levels, including "Voices" and the world-infamous famous "Bloblake"!
Rock-Beta (You should try it, Bill) 50 levels, including "Unicorn Rabbit" and "The Sedna Suite" odyssey!
Rock-Gamma (Woah, really, Bill?!) 40 levels, including "Uncle duo ha ha ha ha ha" and many other surprises and what the actual f*** moments!
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