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The second community-produced official level pack for Chip's Challenge, originally released on December 24, 2010. This set contains 149 levels that can be played in the MS and Lynx rulesets.

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CCLP3 is in my opinion much better than CCLP2 and it surely rapresents a wonderful collection of levels... there are also some levels which are so epic, like 'You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks' (which, however, I haven't solved yet)!

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As I've mentioned many times in the past, the only thing that's lacking to CCLP3 is variety and momentum. That can make someone really bend out of this set, which it did for me. It still contains some of my favourite levels ever:

Stress Fracture: Amazing level by J.B. and the type of puzzle that I like. You have everything under your eyes, you just have to pull it off.

Jaywalker: There are so few of these in CCLP3, as a casual player, you have to enjoy every single bit in this one. A very good melee level that unfortunately really looks out of place in the set.

Chip Alone: Lost in Chip City: Everything screams win about how this level unfolds it all by itself, an amazing creation by Tom.

Mistakes: A borderline creation by Daniel B. that does it more for its aesthetics than for the design itself, but it really stroke me as a very good level, very unusual.

In The Limelight: Solid creation by Joshua Bone with a lot of wondering what to do, but a nonetheless very interesting scenario to finish it.

Super Chip: The amazement when I realized what Ida did. Nothing has to be said about that one, an incredible and very original creation.

Overall if I had to be not-so-angered at that title, we have to admit that the global quality is higher than CC1 and CCLP2. Unfortunately, we have to see the thing as a whole package, and that's where it lost its points to me, so I'd go 3.5/5.
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Rock-Alpha(It's a great game, Bill) 65 levels, including "Voices" and the world-infamous famous "Bloblake"!
Rock-Beta (You should try it, Bill) 50 levels, including "Unicorn Rabbit" and "The Sedna Suite" odyssey!
Rock-Gamma (Woah, really, Bill?!) 40 levels, including "Uncle duo ha ha ha ha ha" and many other surprises and what the actual f*** moments!
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i dont know how to download tom pattens cclp3. Help plsss

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