Anyone play I Wanna Maker? (level editor for "I wanna be the guy")?
It's free on Steam, and lets you easily make and share levels online. It's a precision platformer (think of Super Meat Boy or the GameMaker game "Jumper", but not all levels are brutally difficult- it varies).

And it's popular so the community is huge with new levels made and played all day every day. This means there are lots of levels to play but on the downside means your own levels may receive little attention. It seems mostly people will only play your level when it's just been uploaded because it lists most recently created levels.

In recent weeks, I was on a roll making levels for Chuck's Challenge the ideas for that just keep coming, but unfortunately around this time the level making community for that games seems to be almost dead now.

In a way, I think the size of the CC level making community is a good one- it's active and alive with lots of content, but not so large your levels and your identity will be lost amongst thousands and thousands of others with all your hard work hardly being played at all.
(20-Jun-2020, 3:37 PM)GavinD Wrote: the GameMaker game "Jumper"

I played it for a while but eventually lost interest (mainly inspiration to actually make levels). If you just search ncrecc my stuff should come up. I still need to play actual IWBTG fangames some time (not IWBTG itself, fuck IWBTG)
I made a few levels for Jumper but there wasn't really (that I was aware of) much of an opportunity to share them with other players.

And yes, the official IWBTG levels are just shit-full of traps and I'm not into that so I recommend fan made levels. Download "I wanna maker" from Steam, and look for levels by "HoiSinSauce" if you want to try out what I've made so far.

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