Released a 54 level set for CC2 - Ancient Citadel of Chips
You can easily get it off the steam workshop here:

And here's a couple of screenshots!

[Image: YYAT6CN.png]

[Image: miCJMMU.png]

[Image: vy2YqSR.png]

I'm really really interested in any feedback any of you might have about these levels, even if it's just to tell me you don't like them... but I hope you do!
Quote:You tested your own land mine. It worked!
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Quote:You tested your own land mine. It worked!
Really cool levelset Sunglasses

I especially like all the shorter / smaller levels in the set Thumbs up
some levels are probably intended to be puzzles like e.g. Keygrid, Mind Lock,... yet might be a bit easier than intended, based on the fact that you can skip a lot / get a lot of extra keys and items in other levels, but this actually makes nice easy levels and breather levels between some tougher levels later on Slight smile

Some of your longer levels include a melee/timing elements even deep into the levels, I know there are players who like those action based elements, personally those are not really my favorite, especially when the stakes of having to replay quite a bit are high.
I've played this set, and overall I really liked it. I'll give high ratings to many of these when CC2LP1 voting comes. I solved all of them except 11 and 42.

1: Nice first level, the puzzles are clever.

2: Really fun. I got the full 1200 bonus.

3: Surprisingly easy.

4: A nice concept that I wish was used more often. I got a bonus of 3000.

5: It's a nice port of your CCLP1 port, but I preferred the other key level (2).

6: Interesting concept. I got a bonus of 8000.

7: This is one of those levels that are trivial to solve casually, and mainly a challenge for the bonus. I love levels like this. My bonus here was 10280.

8: Simple 10 by 10 level.

9: Great use of hooks. I didn't attempt the bonus.

10: The starting teeth puzzle is really creative, and the whole level is fun.

11: It was fun, overall.

12: The designer is listed as "dat2c2g". The level itself is fun though.

13: This was awesome! One of the best levels so far.

14: This level is mainly a challenge because of the bonus, especially with the thieves and the time limit. The sokobans are clever. My final bonus was 20300, with only one bomb unexploded (I had accidentally shoved one block in a hidden wall corner).

15: Simple puzzle, but I like it.

16: This level is fun, the teleport mechanism is awesome, and the pink ball cloning at the very end is epic.

17: I'm afraid I didn't really like this one. After many failed attempts in the first room, I reached the exit only to realize that the teeth was required; that was kinda evil.

18: Surprisingly easy, but fun.

19: Fun level, although not one of my favourites.

20: Decent level, quite easy.

21: Not sure if this is a bust or intentional, but the random force floors can be used to speed through the cloning room rather than following the floor path. The final trap puzzle is amazing.

22: I liked it, it was fun.

23: Nice level, but could use a shorter time limit.

24: Short but fun. I got the full 16000 bonus.

25: The block slide trick is awesome. However, I think I might have busted the level. I use one block on one of the bombs on the top left, and the fireball for the other. Two of the four blue teleports are useless, as well as the paramecium, ice block coner, and the elaborate fireball systems.

26: Really fun concept. I did not attempt the bonus.

27: Decent dodging level. My final bonus was 60000.

28: I'm not really a fan of most digging levels, but I mostly liked this one.

29: Good maze.

30: Great use of railroad tracks, and the time crunch bonus is nice.

31: Probably my least favourite level of the set, I'm afraid. The teeth section is not very fun, the sokoban isn't much of a challenge (with all these extra blocks), those random blobs do nothing...the only good thing about this level is the socket section (why are they even sockets anyway, there are no chips).

32: Another digging level. It wasn't bad, but it failed to make a strong impression on me.

33: Fun blue wall maze, wall slapping makes this even better.

34: Interesting level and quite fun. I didn't get the bonus.

35: Interesting use of the helmet, and I really like the double-thickness walls.

36: It was overall a great level, one of my favourites; my final bonus was 30000. There was a minor bust (the button for the fireball trap can be held down with one of the blocks rather than bridging the fire) but it's not really a problem.

37: The designer is once again identified as "dat2c2g". The level itself is fun though.

38: "dat2c2g" again, and there's a typo in the hint: "loose". This was a creative level though.

39: Really fun level, and one situation where coloured floors and walls aren't annoying.

40: Amazing concept. It would be interesting to revisit it with a longer level.

41: I love the teeth section. The ball trick is also clever, and the socket at the end adds a nice twist. I got a bonus of 8000.

42: The CC2 abridged concept is great, I like the chip count, and the individual sections are nice, but I think putting everything into a single super-huge level was a mistake. Dying at the very end can be really painful.

43: Long before playing this level, I worked with Mobius on a level that has a very similar concept. That level had a few extra puzzles but lacked the bonus. This take on the concept is also pretty fun.

44: Sorry, but this level doesn't quite work. It's too easy: I solved it in only 2 seconds.

45: The designer field is empty here. The level itself is really fun, though, both the sokoban and the fire room.

46: Interesting concept, very easy, but I like it.

47: "dat2c2g" again. It's a fun level though.

48: Awesome 10 by 10 puzzle.

49: Nice concept and fun to figure out.

50: Really great yellow tank level; the fireball trick is especially clever. However, the designer field is blank again.

51: The sokoban is all right, but this feels like a missed opportunity. I think it might have been better untimed, with time bonuses under the blocks.

52: This is easily the second-hardest level in the set (after CC2 abridged), but it is really fun, I love the various puzzles, and the ghosts aren't frustrating. My final bonus was 115 000 (I think 116 000 might be possible but I didn't test it).

53: Partial posting with other players is awesome. The various sections are really fun, this is my absolute favourite of the set.

54: Very fun level, awesome finale to an awesome set!
CC is awesome!

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Been playing this occasionally and really enjoying it!

I have a question about level 53, Prison Break.

What are the two blocks on tracks for; near the fireball clones machines. I could beat the level without touching them. [perhaps you're mean to use them to block the force floors later on but you can use the players to do that.
Also the upper section seems to be slightly broken; when returning you can simply go back the way you came, you don't need to use the ball to blow the bomb up and go down that hallway with the wired doors. S
Still; I really loved this level and the concept behind it!! Slight smile
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