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Time for another update!

I just finished adding the ability to select/fill/copy/paste sections of the map. Here's an image of a map where I pasted in the quadrants of my level "Olympic Games", rearranged from the original. The second image is the original, in CCEdit, from which I copied the data. (Warning: maximized screen caps.)

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Present but not shown: undo/redo, plus a month's worth of work on internal logic for opening multiple maps in tabs. Smiley

Major work still to do:
  • View options, including zoom and metagraphics (creature paths, element areas-of-effect, etc.).
  • Dialogs to edit level and series properties, including story scripts.
  • Support for the C2G and CCX formats.
  • Help documentation.
But it's getting there!
Let me know if you want some help with the basic c2g format stuff. You probably know it better than I do given the information you compiled but I can tell you what I did for my program.
Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on it, once I'm ready to tackle that stuff. Looks like you've already figured out some stuff I hadn't thought to try. Slight smile
Well, I'm sorry, since I know you all really want this editor; but I'm afraid I'm going to have to put it on hold indefinitely. Life's just gotten too busy to make time for it. Slight frown I'm hoping I can get back to it sometime this year, but I can't make any promises.

Anyway, I had a few more screenshots lying around, so you can have a look at them. These are various dialogs that I had just started adding (warning: maximized images):

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this was a cruel prank and I totally fell for it! Smiley
my CC2 sets: Mobi's Challenge (166 levels)
Walls of CCLP2 (V2) presently: ~50 levels

"Not knowing how near the truth is, we seek it far away."
-Hakwin Rinzai

"Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man"
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I fell for it too. Well done and with good taste. Slight smile
As should be evident by now, my previous post was a joke, with the exception of the part in the spoiler box. Slight smile

Thank you to those who have expressed interest in beta testing so far. You'll hear back from me in a couple weeks, once I have the program ready. Anyone else who'd like to volunteer, please IM me.
Time for another update. I've made a fair amount of progress, despite getting sidetracked by CCLP4 voting and Real Life. Many of the editor's dialog windows are now finished, and I have screenshots of them below.

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I was hoping to have the editor ready for some beta testing a month ago, but as I said, other things got in the way. I did, however, get a good number of people interested in testing (thank you everyone who volunteered). The invitation is still open, if anyone else would like to join. I don't yet have a real timeframe for when testing will be.
Just a brief update to let you all know I have not forgotten nor abandoned this project. I took a break so I could focus on CCLP4; but with the set releasing today, I will be going back to work on the editor. Still hoping to release it sometime this year! Slight smile
There are still many things to finish, but the enough features are complete that I am ready to start private beta testing for the editor!

The first beta release is scheduled for this Friday (August 18th) around 6 PM (EDT). I will be using a private Skype group to share files and gather feedback. Anyone who is interested in joining, please IM me on Skype for a group invite, preferably before Friday.

Warning: this initial release will be very much unfinished, so don't expect to be able to test every feature immediately.

For those interested, here's a rough list of what's still in the works:
  • File formats<ul><li>CC Creator Project format (can save all Chip's Challenge data in one file)
  • CCX format
  • C2G format
[*]Ruleset compatibility testing
[*]View options
  • <li>Zooming
  • Metagraphics (creature order, creature paths, etc.; button links are done)
  • Game-mode graphics
[*]Map editor tabs
  • <li>User's manual
  • Element reference
[*]Miscellaneous UI adjustments

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