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Quote:Done! Thumbs up

Thank you.

Any chance of adding a classic Mahjongg Solitare game also?
I do remember playing Mari0, and it was confusing all the way to Wyoming.
Hello'v'ryone's'is' rockdet Ænigma Mælström (any word with æ because it's funny), master of non sequitur buckets!
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Rock-Alpha(It's a great game, Bill) 65 levels, including "Voices" and the world-infamous famous "Bloblake"!
Rock-Beta (You should try it, Bill) 50 levels, including "Unicorn Rabbit" and "The Sedna Suite" odyssey!
Rock-Gamma (Woah, really, Bill?!) 40 levels, including "Uncle duo ha ha ha ha ha" and many other surprises and what the actual f*** moments!
Teeth "We are after all in the future, where the past is king and the paste is ming." -raocow
The World's Hardest Game by Snubby Land. My favorite addicting game plus a good award candidate.
I don't know if any you know any jmtb02 games. Basically he's the designer of the blue elephant games and they are very fun.

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