Chip's Challenge 2 default music improvements (Mod)
(First post, don't mess it...)
 Well, hello. When playing Chip's Challenge 2, it is easy to notice that the music is not original compositions like in the Lynx game. Would not be a problem if the music tunes where as loud as the sound effects or did not have those lengthy (2~ seconds) silences at the start and end. It is not MIDI, it gives me the impression of being recorded. Due to this, i barely noticed the music and it also won't play at all in the text cutscenes most of the time due to me reading them fast. 
 Well, i fixed these annoying errors of sorts, and after that i found the ragtime music very, very catchy. I leaved a single second of silence at the end to not make it loop abruptly. 
 88 MB, slightly less than the originals. I also tagged them to show more information in a music player. I hope you now enjoy this improved edition. I almost got an ear worm from them like the CC1 music!
 If you want to share this zip, great! Simply don't take credit for doing this. If you want to upload to Steam Workshop, i will be more than happy since this is only a Google Drive link, so share, share, share and share!

Opinion: Unlike LX Rudis, i have no idea who is Warren Trachtman, the one that is credited as performer. Since the entire soundtrack is in the public domain, and also simple piano versions of them, (not remixes) it gives me the impression that good old Chuck Sommerville did this game on its own with almost no budget. What do you think?

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