Things in Chip's Challenge that does not makes sense.
# Important! # This is about having fun, so don't hesitate to post your own "solutions" or "problem".

1  Chip explodes when he touch a hazard, dissapearing without a trace. Why?
2  Are teeths, clones, floor mimics, turtles and ghosts alive or just well done robots?
3  How do the gender only signs stops one character from going trough it and let the other go?
4  How do the railroads enforces to go in a single direction?  What does the RR sign actually does? Does it "cancel" a property of the tracks?
5  Suction shoes (MS) don't make sense since they would attach Chip to the force floor instead of allowing him to cancel their effect. A magnet that makes Chip hover over them makes more sense.
6  Graphics only depict one shoe, not two. Plus, they appear to be as large as Chip (The chips count, too).
7  Are the bugs and paramecium as large as Chip? Paramecia are microscopic, but how are these so big? 
8  Do the directional blocks have small wheels under them with brakes that determine in wich direction can go?
9  Is the Lynx only Water "Shield" an excuse to not make sprites of Chip swimming?
10  In-universe, how does the exit works? Is it an door to an elevator? Why the "portal to another world" look?
11 How does the spy\thief tile works? Just a fancy technology that automatically takes the tools or a real person? Because it is possible to destroy them with a time bomb...
12  The force floors makes everything in it go at double speed, yet their animation go at the same speed of Chip.
13 Why Melinda can walk freely on ice but not on gravel or dirt? It is implied that she played in the original clubhouse and had her own score, but with those restrictions she would be unable to move right in the start of Lesson 8 and some levels would be completely busted with the "free skates". Did Vladimir impose those rules?
14  Tanks, why? They don't shoot.
15 Chip can only carry 4 "tools" but way more keys. Oh yes, and only 256 of each color.
16 Why does keys instantly dissappear after being used? Where the door goes? Why does Chip can use a green key an infinite amount of time and Melinda can use yellow keys also an infinite amount of time?
17  The bowling ball explodes in contact with a creature or wall, are they filled with explosives? Why they can use items?
18  From where are the materials for making all those levels? Oh yes, and the floor space!
19  The reason that paramecia are replaced with centipedes in the sequel is because the Puzzle Masters could not replicate Melinda's experiments and had to come with their own solution! As for the blobs, i don't know.
20  How does Vladimir Gerajkee looks like? Melinda in CC1 Lynx was only mentioned in text until her appearance in the animated ending. Vladimir is almost like this, except CC2 don't have animated cutscenes. Oh yes, where does that last name comes from!?
21 In what country the games action develop? Does CC2 takes place in another country?

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