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So.... erm .... uh..... welcome!

My first blog post ever, and it's about a levelset.

So I've decided to do written reviews of some levelsets.

The levelsets I choose will be chosen kind of at random... Whatever title catches my eye from a list of levelsets, or sometimes I'll have a theme in mind, or sometimes I'll choose a levelset that in the past I played, but haven't beat past a few levels in...

Anyways, this time, it'll be

AndyT1.dat ------------------------------------ [MS]

I wanted to start with a levelset whose designer has the same first name as me, just because.

[1] World Tour
Really well designed, I have greatly enjoyed the way the level looks like a map of the Earth, each continent containing a different puzzle element.

[2] Ice Patrol
This level was pretty good.

[3] Swim Meet
A nice, fast pace, small maze to warm up with. I'm 100% okay with the walls being Chips swimming E.

[4] Work Fast!
Another fast pace maze. Pretty fun.

[5] Island Puzzle
I don't get this level. It's solvable just by pressing the red button over and over again, then just uncover the hidden ice corners, and spam the button again, until one fireball eventually follows the ice and hits the last bomb. The design made it look more complex.

[6] External Clock
Took me a few tries before I thought of trying without the Suction Boots. Nice.

[7] Monster Machine
I consider this a "campaign" type level, and I had quite some fun with it, however, I would like to point out that pressing the button at (3, 20) is pointless. Again, I'm ok with the invalid combinations.

[8] Crazy Maze
A dodging level for sadists! Sure was hard, but I enjoyed it, and felt much satisfaction after beating it. It was a surprise to find it so early in the set.

[9] Time Capsul
This level has a peculiar layout, and it took me several tries, but it was pleasing.

[10] Key and Boot Puzzle
Somewhat short, yet it involves some thinking. It was enjoyable.

[11] Gold Mine
A level that involves collecting all the gold keys, which are a lot. I like the variety here, and the walker room reminds me of PROBLEMS from CC1. As for the four pink balls, however, their traps seem to be busted.

[12] Moon Landing
This level seems busted, after the bombs, push a block past the layer of water and bring a block through the gravel almost all the way to the right, you will find a red button a bug needs to press to start the "race". Just block the space in front of the button, making it inaccessible, and take your time finishing the level.

[13] Annoyance 1
This level took several tries, but it was a nice level of different elements.

[14] The Exile (A game by Broderbund)
I am unfamiliar with what game this is based off, but the goal here is to mess with the level so that you create a path for a fireball to go through and open the path for you to win. I had tons of fun with it.

[15] The Hour Glass
I liked this level; it's simple but tricky and reminded me again, of PROBLEMS from CC1.

[16] Pass a Bill Through Government
I didn't enjoy this one. I believed it is luck based and I got stuck on the area right after the (3, 22) bear trap. I didn't finish it.

[17] Annoyance 2
I tried this level four or five times. Its structure is almost the same as Annoyance 1 and some of the things are the same or similar. It's a fun level, I just find the invisible wall maze a bit too much and the bomb area right after it too tedious. I didn't finish it, although I came close on my last try. I found out how to finish it, even though I didn't. So I didn't beat it in my TWS, but I did in my mind.

[18 – 20]
These three I didn't finish 19 I only looked around, and 20 I haven't played. 18, which is External Clock 2 I wasn't down for trying to get a block in the NW room to kill the bomb. These are the last three, except for 21, the credits.

In conclusion, this levelset is pretty short; however, it’s filled with variety and has a couple of gems.
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