CC Emulator for Android
(24-Sep-2020, 11:39 AM)JDGP030302 Wrote: Taking into account how awkward it can be to simulate a directional control with a touchscreen, it would be nice if this supported external controls like a gamepad. Or a keyboard. In the last case it is possible to use a program called scrcpy to control an Android phone from a PC as if it were a keyboard connected to the phone. The shortcuts from the original Tile World would also be a nice detail. I would also appreciate a smaller file size but i understood your explanation.
Also, it would be nice if this supported other languages. I am willing to translate this to Spanish (of course, i would need a list of all text strings).
Adding controller support probably wouldn't be too difficult. I would need to set up some sort of key binding UI, but it sounds doable. It would be easy to add hotkey bindings at that point as well.

Regarding localizations, I always thought it could be interesting experiment if I could hook in Google Translation APIs to translate an app on demand and cache the information. With this it could be possible for level hints to be translated, even ones that were uploaded by the user. I am always looking for ways to make things more complicated then they have to be lol.

If it proves too difficult (or expensive, according to Google's pricing schedule), I would definitely entertain third party translation.
Eso es bueno, ya usted sabe que estoy dispuesto a traducirlo al español, aunque solamente sea la interfaz.

Err, i meant, that is good, now you know that i am willing to translate it to Spanish, even if it is only the interface
In case anyone wants to make this app a bit more retro, you can upload this image in the settings:

[Image: JPZim2r.png]
I have made a few updates, which will be rolled out by Google Play shortly. This includes general controller support, including shortcut keys. To skip the key binding hassle, all gamepad sticks and d-pads should work by default. I would personally use the d-pad over the sticks, it has more direct control. The game is also technically compatible with a keyboard. So if you pair that to your device, that should work too.

I have also added in an additional feature that smooths camera movement, a little less choppy on the eyes, but it is a bit of an adjustment. This feature is optional and can be toggled off in the settings. 

For game play I have added mob deaths, which are brief animations that have no impact on game play. I have also configured positional mob sounds, so items only onscreen emit sound effects.

One other function of Unity I really like is the multi-platform support. I have exported the game to Web GL, which makes the game playable through any modern web browser. You can check it out here: No install required!

At this point, I am assuming it would be fairly easy to export this to iPhone and I have a buddy with an apple developer account, so it wouldn't cost me anything to publish it. Maybe my next update? I am not a huge fan of Apple development and I'm sure my knowledge is out of date, so I will have to look into this further. As always, any feedback is appreciated!

Updated for explosion animation:
[Image: 3hGxCnJ.png]
Have you ever though of adding TAS tools like frame advance, multi slot save states, rewind and recording the player's input?
(08-Nov-2020, 8:18 PM)JDGP030302 Wrote: Have you ever though of adding TAS tools like frame advance, multi slot save states, rewind and recording the player's input?
Thought of it? Sure. Implementing is always another story lol.
Just wanted to post an update to this project (since Google Play forced me to update the backend):
- You can now upload your own custom audio files/songs to go along with your customized image skins (no MIDI support, so everything must be converted to mp3/WAV)
-Customizations, scores, and uploaded level packs can now be exported into a single package for backup purposes or for moving to a new device.
Download the latest version here:
Happy chipping!

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