Walls of CCLP1
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Wall templates derived from the 149 CCLP1 levels. Some levels didn't really have interesting wall layouts, so i tried to go with the second best thing, or third, etc. Even then, i think there are 1 or 2 i couldn't "fix". Maybe not. I don't remember.

Made for the February 2017 Create Competition.

What's New in Version 1.0
  • First release. Updated description box.

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.dat   CCLP1 walls.DAT (Size: 75.77 KB / Downloads: 52)
CCMiniLP, my CCLP1 submissions. Outdated, not recommended.
CCSignificantlyLargerLP, my CCLP4 submissions. More current than my main set.
Consistent Inconsistency (ongoing), my main CC1 custom set. (discussion)
RyanJ1.dat (ongoing), my main CC2 custom set. (discussion)
Mystery Project (unfinished) (previews)

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