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A place for levels that don't necessarily fit well within my other levelsets, until I find a better home for them. So far the levels are:


Demo level requiring you to program instructions for a yellow tank and then execute the `program'


After seeing the `Monty Haul' level in the main CC2 set, I googled it. This is a demo level with 12 self-contained implementations of the `Monty Hall Problem'. While it may seem like a guessing game there is a very specific way to play it which will almost always result in success. (The level requires you to guess right 7 out of 12 times). Look it up on Wikipedia to get the strategy and the background.

There are 7 boolean variables in each Monty Hall: isA, isB, and isC store which door the blob opens, and pickA, pickB, and pickC store which door the player chooses initially. Finally, another blob has a 50/50 chance of pressing another pink button, which variable I call mod.

The formula is:

doorA = (isB AND pickC) OR (isC AND pickB) OR (mod AND isB AND pickB) OR (~mod AND isC AND pickC)

doorB = (isA AND pickC) OR (isC AND pickA) OR (mod AND isC AND pickC) OR (~mod AND isA AND pickA)

doorC= (isB AND pickA) OR (isA AND pickB) OR (mod AND isA AND pickA) OR (~mod AND isB AND pickB)


A tight little 10x10 sort-of sokoban that I made back in 2005 for the game 'Escape'.

OPTIMAZE: a concept I may come back to eventually. The pink balls expand to fill the walls of the maze but you can save time by grabbing chips in the meantime.

Thanks for checking them out & any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.0.0

Added TINY SIMON REVEALED, which is a functioning 10x10 version of Tyler Sontag's massive SIMON level. Unfortunately, due to ants not being able to pass under canopies, I couldn't cover up the level the way it was supposed to work, so it's more of a functional demo than anything.

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My CC1 custom levelset, JoshuaBoneLP.dat
My 'Walls of CC1' custom levelset for CC2, JBoneWOCC.zip, containing levels based on the first 28 levels of CC1.
My CC2 misfit levels, JBoneMisfits.zip, containing 4 levels that didn't fit anywhere else.
Designer totals:
15 levels in CCLP3
52 levels in CC2
Public Apology: I'm very, very sorry about HAUNTED CASTLE, ANTARCTICA, and the endings on VENICE and THINKTANK.

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