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JoshuaBoneLP.dat is an update to my old levelset, JoshB_LYNX.dat. I've removed a few levels, edited or fixed a few more, and added 15 or so new ones. All should be MS and LYNX compatible.

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.dat   JoshuaBoneLP.dat (Size: 32.76 KB / Downloads: 363)
My CC1 custom levelset, JoshuaBoneLP.dat
My 'Walls of CC1' custom levelset for CC2,, containing levels based on the first 28 levels of CC1.
My CC2 misfit levels,, containing 4 levels that didn't fit anywhere else.
Designer totals:
15 levels in CCLP3
52 levels in CC2
Public Apology: I'm very, very sorry about HAUNTED CASTLE, ANTARCTICA, and the endings on VENICE and THINKTANK.

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