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my third level pack.

-Contains 23 levels of varying difficulty.

-all levels work in both MS and Lynx

-please report problems you find. Comments or suggestions are welcome.

What's New in Version 3
  • I've since changed a few things since first upload; because of feedback
  • -Clue in RHEM is less vague.
  • -I don't remember what else.

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I originally sent this as a private message to Mobius, but I am making this public now.

1: Overall, it is a nice level. I like the idea of having multiple choices as to what the level will be like. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the various sections are completely different in terms of difficulty. The pink ball part is very easy. My favorite parts were the tanks and the sokoban. My best time is 643.

2: While it is small (but not "compact"), it is a fun and challenging puzzle. I really liked it. The only thing I don't understand is the title.

3: I understand that there is a reason for all the dirt spots, but it is very obscure. I only managed to figure it out while looking at the level through an editor. When playing it, I just tested all the walls. In my opinion, the overall level would have to be more complex to make such a pattern useful.

4: This is one of the best levels I have played in a while. Also, unlike the level in the Nebuchadnezzar set, no level editor is required to solve it on the first try. The only problem, as mentioned in the chat, is that the level requires 6 chips and only 5 are available. And by the way, why the pink ball?

5: I did not see that movie. As for the level, I see two different ways of solving it. The first one is to do both columns of chips at the same time. While this is fast, it is very dangerous. The other way is to do one column, then to go back and do the other. This is a lot slower, but safer. My best time is 144.

6: There are lot of hidden mechanics in the level, which is very nice. Although most of the level is spend waiting for the blocks, there are ways of getting a better time, like waiting below the bottom cloner to push the blocks in the other paths. It is really a great level. But, once again, I don't understand the title.

7: The level is fun to play. The "surprise fireballs" were not a problem for me. In fact, there was only one fireball that did not make it into the trap room. And do those bugs at the top-left of the level do anything?

8: This level would have been my favorite level of the set if it had been longer. The concept is really great, but the level was too short. And by the way, what is this pattern of exits? I have noticed it in a few other of your levels.

9: A nice little level. It is not extraordinary, but not was probably not meant to be.

10: The most challenging level so far. The concept is really nice and the level is well made. It took me a lot of attempts to complete, and it was fun.

11: While it is not extraordinary, it is nice and fun to play. It is, in my opinion, the easiest level of the set. My best time is 167.

12: Simple and fun. It may be harder in MS due to lack of animations.

13: You used hidden mechanics again. The result is another interesting level, one of the best of the set.

14: Die A Lot was just plain annoying. This one is really creative due to the the chips telling what blocks are safe. It is a really interesting concept.

15: I did not play RHEM, and I don't know if the level will be easier for those that did. Anyway, it is the best level in the set, in my opinion. The puzzles are very challenging and fun. The only thing I don't understand is the way to know which of the four buttons in the NW needs to be pushed. I prefer not being told what the tank buttons do, but rather figure it out myself, as the tanks are totally visible.

16: The level is nicely made. It is quite hard, but not too much. The fact that there is a pattern in the balls makes the level fun to play. When the toggle walls are closed, it is very dangerous to stay out of the gravel, but I guess it may be possible to snatch a few chips.

17: This level was really nice and challenging. It is, in my opinion, one of the best of the set. The last room is easy compared to the rest of the level. But that is all right, as it eliminates the frustration of dying just few tiles from the exit.

18: The level made me panic at the beginning, but once I found the solution it seemed easy:

[Image: qQuRg6Y.png?1?9549]

20: Really great level. The warning is a really interesting concept.

21: I have been playing this for a long time, going back to it on occasion, but I never solved it. I am beginning to doubt if it is solvable.

22: The level is very hard. Congratulations of the mechanics, but I have no idea how to figure out the right order in which to press the buttons (other than using a level editor).
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