Poll: Do you think aliens exist?
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Do you think aliens exist?
Alternately, couldn't it be possible that life used to exist, but the conditions that permitted it to exist long ago became unstable and disappeared?

Highly likely. But it's also possible that life is all over the place, but doesn't possess the technology to contact us.
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The whole white race are aliens to this planet. They came in a terra-forming machine that is now under the Island of Hormuz. As they were the first on the planet, I would not refer to them as aliens now. After the animal races invaded the ship and broke it, a second one came to check things out. They called the second one Lucifer.
This is a youtube channel by a guy who covers astronomical stories and he's very scientific and down to earth, and doesn't get overly sensational (like some many news stories do when covering alien related material).


For those unaware; there are a number of cool things going on in astronomy right now, some of which (while unlikely in the near future) seem to be bringing us steps closer to one day discovering aliens! I recommend looking into Boyajian's Star and Przybylski's star for starters. A very cool time to be alive! Smiley
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Quote:The thing about scientists is that they have no flair for the dramatic. They can imagine all the matter in the universe compressed into a dot smaller than the point of a pin, and then what do they call it? "The Big Bang."

They should call it the Horrendous Space Kablooie.
Believe it or not, the theory of the Big Bang has been debunked. Scientists now believe it couldn't possibly have happened (kind of a flat Earth scenario).

The jury's still out on whether they believe in the TV show.
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I think saying we are alone is ludicrous. So yes somewhere out there is alien life.

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