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My CC1 score. Chiara Watson. Hope this isn't dead.


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Hi Chiara, glad to see you still around - the site is not dead! I'd love to put your scores up - would you be able to post the rest of your times as well? (Preferably in a separate thread like "Chiara's scores" or something like that so it's easy to find.) Most of the high score discussion takes place on Discord these days, so this thread appears much more sparse than it otherwise would.
(08-Jan-2012, 6:16 PM)jblewis Wrote: One day, when I grow up, I'll beat CCLP3...

I think this day has come and gone.. Kappa
(08-Jan-2012, 6:16 PM)jblewis Wrote: One day, when I grow up, I'll beat CCLP3...
I've been on level 141 for close to a year now. That is the last time I played this. I am short a few levels though, I have been stuck on 122, 124, 133, 134 and 139. One day I will beat it too, it is just a question of when.
Hey, everyone. In preparation for the release of CC2LP1, the scorekeepers would like to lay
down some guidelines for those of you wishing to report scores on the new
set. With a couple minor exceptions, they'll be the same as they were for
previous sets.

1) All scores must be achieved within the official CC2LP1 set, no
exceptions. Scores achieved by playing a CC2LP1 level in its original
custom set or voting set, for example, will not count.

2) For the first week after CC2LP1's release, each player will be limited
to one score report per hour.

3) For the first week after CC2LP1's release, each score report will be
limited to ten levels. A score report for one level can have both time and score and doesn't count as two levels.

4) All score reports must be on the CCZone scores board (

5) As always, please specify Time or Score when reporting your
scores to avoid mix-ups.

Have fun, and please remember to enjoy CC2LP1 responsibly.
The scores site has been updated (last post stating the same message has been removed to avoid clogging up this thread).
Hi I'm A Sickly Silver Moon
and I currently develop SuperCC and work on levels from time to time

I also made the world's best CC2 tileset: Lunar
[Image: ZYZWJuE.png]
As well as a very fun CC1 tileset: CGA
[Image: RWZdY7b.png]

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